The Story (17).png

We could list how many years experience we have in the industry, name drop some big deals and tell you all about how we got here. We could also follow that with the many reasons we are the best choice for what you need. But really, we didn't set up the hive to dwell on the past!

We came together because quite simply we love what we do and we wanted to tick a few boxes we felt would mean we could do it our way. (cue Frank Sinatra!)

The Dream

Having buzzed around the block in both big corporates and smaller start ups - we both wanted to start something different. Something that would make those creative ideas possible as well as bee:


  • affordable to all sized businesses and budgets

  • accessible - we want to share our "know how" and help others achieve without the need for fancy words or excessive jargon

  • educational and empowering because we want you to grow and be in control

  • relevant by only providing what you need now 

  • focussed on working with small businesses, one man bands and entrepreneurs

  • collaborative - we don't want to take over or tell you what to do 

  • flexible - because change feels scary but in reality it's an opportunity

  • FUN! (cue Cindy Lauper)